My notes from conference sessions I have attended.

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Indy.Code() 2023

August 11th Indianapolis, IN

Blending Product Thinking with Architecture

with Joel Tosi

Strategic DDD

C4 modeling

“The right story at the right level”

C* maps nicely to the testing pyramid. A small number of end-to-end tests at the Context level, several integration tests at the Container and Component levels, and loads of unit tests at the Code level.

DDD Domains are found at the C2 level.

ADR (Architectural Decision Records)

“If you can’t think of any ways you could go wrong, you’re going to go wrong in a glorious way.”

Architecture is no one’s job. It’s an act of communication.

Ted Neward’s Architectural Kata

Creative Problem Solving

with Eric Potter

Ideas are just networks of other ideas.

–Steven Johnson, 📘 How We Got to Now

New gen of note-taking apps (Obsidian, Notion, LogSeq, etc) help their users exploit this idea.

“Exocortex” (📘 Pragmatic Thinking & Learning)

Start with the worst possible idea.

Be intellectually humble AND confident in your ability.

Can We Learn to Manage Uncertainty? Probably!

with Robert Herbig

“I don’t know” is a powerful statement.

Plan and communicate in terms of bets. Every bet has a cost, a likelihood of success, and an outcome.

There is always a tradeoff between precision vs. accuracy.

📘 Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke

“Resulting”. A poker term of art for getting a good outcome from a poor decision (or vice versa). The ends don’t justify the means!

Decouple luck from skill when telling the story of what happened.

Belief is involuntary comprehension–we buy it before we try it. “Smart” people are often just better at rationalizing their existing beliefs.

📘 The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer

“Truthseeking” - purposefully updating your beliefs.

Leverage gut/System 1/Elephant: “would you bet your house on it?”

People who are labeled “smart” tend to avoid doing anything they’re not already good at.